Race for State House District 74 in Montgomery Heats Up

We are two weeks away from Election Day , and Alabama News Network is previewing the race for House District 74.

The race for District 74 Representative is one that many in Montgomery will be watching closely.

Republican Incumbent Charlotte Meadows is facing Democratic challenger Phillip Ensler.

District 74 covers much of Midtown Montgomery from Chisolm in the North to Woodley Park in the South, from East the West the district stretches roughly from Forrest Avenue to Eastern Boulevard.

After the 2020 Census district lines were redrawn and district 74 saw a change in Demographics.

As a result District 74 has become what’s called an “opportunity district” in politics.

“My first reaction was disappointment, then a little anger, but now I’m really excited for the opportunity to represent some of the people that are really part of where I grew up.” said Meadows.

After the 2020 Census he population in the district included more Black, democrat, and Latino voters as opposed to the demographics of the district after the 2010 Census.

“The fact that is has changed and there’s a chance to flip it from Republican to Democrat is really exciting and a big opportunity” said Ensler.

Both candidates have a background in education. Meadows is a former member of the Montgomery School Board and founder of Montgomery’s first Charter School.

Ensler is a former teacher at Lee High School in Montgomery and a Civil Rights attorney.

” My reason for running its to fix education in Alabama. Im very passionate about making sure that every child has the opportunity for us to provide them with a great education,” said Meadows.

“I know what our schools are going thought and need. I know what the great things are and what the challenges are,” says Ensler.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8.

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