Project to Bring Clean Water to Dallas Co. Community

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Hundreds of people in west Dallas County will soon have a cleaner, safer source of water in their homes.

A $3.8 million dollar project is taking county water into the Bogue Chitto community of Dallas County.

People there currently get water for their homes from water wells.

“Some people would get sick when you drink the water. But we later found after we had the water tested that bacteria is in the water,” said Shelly McGee.

“So at that point, as we learned that, we just found alternate measures to kind of minimize the use of the water as much as possible,” said Francious Thomas.

Wal Usdawater1107 Fox PkgAnd that’s when the work began to get the community connected to the county water system.

It’s taken years of work — but now it’s finally happening. Thanks to a $3.8 million dollar USDA-funded — water system expansion project.

“This investment today gives them the opportunity to have safe, clean drinking water in their communities,” said USDA Rural Development Alabama State Director Nivory Gordon, Jr.

“And so, it’s going to impact the health and the lives of a lot of rural residents.”

The project will allow the West Dallas Water Authority to expand it’s water service into the Bogue Chitto community.

A ground breaking ceremony for the project was held Monday morning.

“Good water, clean water is a health necessity. It’s a human right,” said West Dallas Water Authority Board Chairman Maggie Drake Peterson.

“You have to have clean water in order to survive and have a good life.”

“They brought the pipes in and placed them on our property over there. And they’re ready to start digging to lay the pipes,” said McGee.

“It’s great thing, real great thing for everyone,” said James Arthur Pettway.

County officials say the project is expected to be complete in about three months.

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