82-Year-Old Woman Arrested on Charge that She Didn’t Pay $77 Trash Bill


An 82-year-old Valley woman was arrested for not paying a $77.80 trash bill.

Court records show the woman was arrested Sunday for not paying the garbage service bill that covered the months of June, July and August. She was charged with a misdemeanor offense of “failure to pay solid waste fees.”

The arrest drew outrage on social media as criminalizing debt. A city official said the arrest came after multiple attempts to collect the bill and a history of suspended service.

The city has now posted a statement on Facebook about the arrest. Officials said code enforcement officers attempted to contact her several times and left a door hanger at her home. After she did not appear at a September court date for the citation, an arrest warrant for “Failure to Pay-Trash was issued.”

Court records show that she was arrested in 2006 for not paying a $206.54 trash bill. The case was later dismissed “upon compliance,” court records showed.

Valley Police Chief Mark Reynolds said in the statement that officers were required to arrest her after a magistrate signed the warrant.

The woman “was treated respectfully by our officers in the performance of their duties and was released on a bond as prescribed by the violation,” Reynolds said.

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