Tornado-Warned Storm Brings Widespread Damage to Elmore County

The same storm that brought an EF-2 tornado to northern Montgomery County also caused widespread tree and power line damage in Elmore County.

The storm, which came through around 3-4AM Wednesday, moved from the Flatwood community of northern Montgomery County to an area near and south of Wetumpka, bringing damage to U.S. Highway 231, Jasmine Hill Road and Redland Road. Trees were toppled onto the roads and some homes.

“I work nights, so my mom came and got me, and when I came up here, this is what I came up to. She told me my brother had told me a tornado hit here, but I didn’t know. Apparently it touched down over here on the other side of 231 and went through the trees,” Stephen Campos, who lives in the Jasmine Hill Road area, told Alabama News Network.
“We went in the hallway and just closed all the doors and just rode it out. But honestly, like five minutes later, after that tree came through, we had neighbors and first responders like knocking on our door, checking if we were OK and stuff, so very grateful that everybody was OK,” Brooke Blair, who also lives in that area, said.
Early Wednesday morning, U.S. Highway 231 at the river bridge had to be closed because of debris in the roadway. There were also reports of brief natural gas and propane leaks.
There were no reports of injuries in Elmore County.
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