Wilcox Co. Community Mourns Death of Pine Hill Teen

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The Wilcox County community continues to try pick up the pieces — following the shooting death of a 17 year old Wilcox Central student.

It’s been a difficult time for the students and staff at Wilcox Central High School in Camden.

Wal Pinehillteen1129 Pkg 1Senior Chamya Saulsberry was killed in a drive-by shooting in Pine Hill — while school was out for Thanksgiving break. And now that school is back in session — school officials are doing all they can — to help students deal with their grief.

“We can see the heart filled hurt that our students are enduring during this time,” said WCHS Principal Curtis Black.

Senior Malyk Hayden says he and Chamya — had been going to school together — since 7th grade. He says her absence leaves a void — in the Wilcox Central class of 20-22.

“It was kind of down the first day we came back. There were some people that were crying and things,” said Hayden.

“She was a very positive person. She was always happy.”

“A great student as far as in academics, behavior, social. Just a dynamic person to be around,” said Black. “So, we will miss her.”

Students plan to release balloons in remembrance of Chamya on Friday. A candlelight vigil — was held in her honor — Wednesday night in Pine Hill.

Funeral services for Saulsberry — will be Saturday at 12 noon — at Wilcox Central High School.

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