Selma Thaws Following Christmas Holiday Deep Freeze but Water Crisis Lingers

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The city of Selma continues to deal with a major water crisis. City leaders say water authority and public works crews are working to isolate and repair major leaks — in the city water system.

The Queen City continues to thaw out after the Christmas holiday deep-freeze in the deep-south. And as a result — more leaks in the water system have become exposed as the ice melts.

Selma Mayor James Perkins, Jr. is also the superintendent of the Selma Water and Sewer Board.

Wal Selmawaterupdate Fox Pkg“What we started doing yesterday evening is turning water off in certain areas,” he said.

Perkins says the shutdowns will allow crews to find and repair major leaks in the system — that are affecting the water supply available to residents.

“Everybody went on alert to deal with this. And so the public works crew got involved and worked along side the water board crew. We’re still losing a lot of water. And so, what we’re asking folk to do now is to go ahead call your plumber get your pipes fixed.

“If you call. We coming. You call Ross Plumbing, we coming,” said plumber Mario Ross.

Ross Plumbing in Selma — has three crews out working to fix water leaks and busted pipes — all over town.

“Man, I was working Christmas morning, Christmas night, Christmas Eve morning, Christmas Eve night. I worked late last night at a hotel had some busted pipes,” said Ross.

Mayor Perkins says he’s reached out to Governor Ivey — asking that she considering declaring a state of emergency — in the aftermath of the deep freeze.

“So that we could actually get some support from the state and the federal level,” said Perkins.

“This is a very usual situation. This is an act of God.”


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