Dallas Co. Commission Donates Life Saving Equipment

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The Dallas County Commission is donating life-saving equipment to volunteer fire departments around the county — as well as the county’s only hospital.

Commission Chairman and Probate Judge Jimmy Nunn says the equipment has been ordered — and should be back and ready for use — in January.

“The main thing is saving lives,” said Nunn.

Wal Dallascodonations PkgIn Dallas County — only the city of Selma has its own police and fire departments. The rest of the county depend heavily on Volunteer Fire Departments during emergency situations.

Nunn says the commission is donating LUCAS devices — to each of the thirteen Volunteer Fire Departments located in the county.

“It will automatically do CPR on the person without you having to sit there and do CPR on the person. And then we’re also going to provide each one of them with a defibrillator,” said Nunn.

Steve Brewer is the Fire Chief at Burnsville Fire and Rescue.

“We have one. It is currently down. We were actually in the process of looking for another one — when we heard about this one,” said Brewer.

Wal Dallascodonations Pkg1“When you get to a wreck you never know what you’re going to find until you get there. So you never know what equipment you’re gonna need, you know, until you roll up on a scene. So, we’re really grateful for the equipment.”

The commission is also donating four ventilators to Vaughan Regional Medical Center — to help combat COVID.

“COVID is still out there, the different strands. So we’re not out of the woods as of yet. So the hospitals, they are welcoming these machines,” said Nunn.

“We know that it will save lives.”

Nunn says six county facilities — will also be getting defibrillators.

He says the equipment costs $368,000 dollars.

The purchase was funded through a Community Development Block Grant.

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