BAHAKEL ENTERTAINMENT EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Seacrest & Liza Koshy Prepare to Host “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” on ABC

BAHAKEL ENTERTAINMENT EXCLUSIVE – Ryan Seacrest and Liza Koshy are preparing to once again host “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” on ABC. They have invited us up to New York City to find out more about this year’s show.

Bahakel Entertainment’s Adam Wurtzel got the chance to talk to Ryan and Liza with the help of WABC-TV.

Ryan and Liza told Adam all about the musical guests we can expect to see, as well as this year’s most exciting development — three countdowns: one in Puerto Rico, one in Times Square and another in New Orleans. In addition, there will be a west coast party which includes shots from Disneyland.

A lot of work goes into making this TV special happen. Ryan says he just wrapped up a production meeting over Zoom which involved 100 people. He says planning starts each summer to make sure they’re ready to go on Dec. 31.

Liza says you can expect more dancing from her that will be interactive with the partygoers in Times Square.

As always, Ryan and Liza think about the legendary Dick Clark, who made New Year’s Rockin’ Eve the cherished TV event that it has become. Ryan says Dick Clark always wanted each member of the audience to feel a friendship with Clark, which Ryan carries on today.

This year’s show will air from 7-9PM, with a break for Alabama News Network at a special time of 9PM. Then the fun returns at 9:30PM and lasts well past 1AM on New Year’s Day.

Happy New Year from ABC 32 and Bahakel Entertainment!




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