Wilcox Co. Commissioner Facing Criminal Charge

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A Wilcox County commissioner has been arrested and charged with second degree forgery. And now he’s defending himself — in a court of law.

Commissioner Quarre Calhoun is accused in the case. And a preliminary hearing is set for next week.

Wal Wccommissionercharged MiniDistrict Attorney Michael Jackson says if the judge hearing the case against Calhoun — finds probable cause — the case will then move forward through the court system.

Jackson says the preliminary hearing is set to be heard by a judge who’s being brought in from another county.

“District Judge Brianna Westry recused herself,” said Jackson.

“Hale County District Judge Tim Evans is the one that will hear the case.”

Jackson says — if the judge finds probable cause in the case — it will then proceed — to an upcoming grand jury.

And if the grand jury finds probable cause — Calhoun will be indicted for the crime — and the case will then move on to circuit court.

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