Brewbaker Motors in Montgomery Is Sold after 84 Years in Auto Business

Montgomery businessman Dick Brewbaker has sold his family’s automotive dealerships after 84 years in business.

“It was just time for me to go, and it’s been a great business. We’ve had a great relationship with the community for a long time,” Brewbaker told us last week in the final days before his dealerships change hands.

It all started with W.S. Brewbaker in 1939.

“He bought Hue Adams Motor Company. They sold Buick, Ajax and Nash. After World War II, Ajax and Nash didn’t make it, but Buick did.”

Today, Brewbaker Motors sells Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram and Kia brands. But now the business will be in the hands of Sons Automotive Group, which has about a dozen dealerships in Auburn, as well as in Georgia and Tennessee.

“I turned down a lot of people over the years who wanted to buy this business. The Sons Group, the people that I’ve sold it to, they’re a family-owned business just like this one. To show you, they’ve agreed to keep all the people working here now so nobody lost their jobs. They’re just a great company, and I feel they’ll do a great job in Montgomery.”

Sons says it will keep all 97 workers and sell the same brands.

“Unless you’re coming out here looking for me, I don’t think you’ll notice much difference.”

Brewbaker says he is not retiring, but he doesn’t yet know what the future holds. Maybe a return to the Alabama State House, where he served in the Legislature?

“I’m thinking about getting back into politics, or I may go back to teaching school. I will miss the business, and I’ll miss the people that are here, but I will still see them.”


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