Pike Road Town Council approves rezoning request for land on Vaughn Road

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Pike Road Town Council meeting on January 25, 2023/Source: WAKA

The Pike Road Town Council approved a rezoning request for a property on Vaughn Road Wednesday morning.

The council voted 4-1 in favor of rezoning the property next to Golden Animal Hospital from Residential to B-2. Councilwoman Angie Bradsher was the only person to vote against the proposal.

Officials with Pike Road say the next step is for the land owner to present a proposal and design to the Planning Commission at a later meeting. The Planning Commission will then decide if the proposal fits in with the town’s Comprehensive Plan.

The developer had mentioned that he wants to put a gas station on the property, but it’s not yet a done deal.

The Council said this only addresses the rezoning portion and there are still additional steps that must be met. The approved request only opens the door to something being on that property that falls under B-2 zoning, whether it’s a gas station or something else.

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