Local intermediate school holds fundraiser for Montgomery Humane Society

The Montgomery Humane Society is receiving a huge donation thanks to a local intermediate school.

In honor of the 101st day of learning, Pike Road Intermediate School held the inaugural dog parade and fundraiser.

Inspired by the movie “101 Dalmations,” educators say they chose the humane society as the recipient. Students and parents were invited to bring donations for the local animal shelter.

Pike Road Intermediate principal Dr. Bonnie Sullivan says today’s event was one of the many ways they try to encourage community service.

“The message for the kids is to be responsible and caring citizens,” said Dr. Sullivan. “Not just for our school, but also for our community. We have great parents support, so their support means the world to us. Without their support and the community support, we couldn’t function as a school and so that is very important for us to give back to the community.”

The school will be accepting donations through Monday.

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