MMI Set to Build New Math & Science Building

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

One of the top community colleges in the state is about to get even better.

Marion Military Institute in Marion consistently ranks among the top community colleges in the state of Alabama — and the U.S.

Wal MmiconstructionNow $35 million dollars in federal Omnibus funding is about to make the nation’s oldest military junior college — even better.

Col. David Mollahan is the president of Marion Military Institute. He says the money will be used to construct a new state of the art math and science building on the campus.

Mollahan says the building will house an improved STEM program at the school — that will feature modernized academic programs — as well as expanded course offerings.

“To include things like cyber, information technology and computer science,” said Mollahan.

Wal Mmibuilding Pkg2The new math and science building will be located between James W. Rane Hall — and Lovelace Hall. MMI officials say it’s been a part of the school’s master plan since 2006.

“This is so gratifying and exciting. And you know for a campus that hasn’t seen new construction in 30 years to all at once we have a new dining facility, we have new tennis courts, and now we’re having a, we’re getting a new math and science building,” said MMI VP for Institutional Advancement and Chief of Staff Suzanne McKee.

“We have some basic concepts in terms of classroom sizes. Numbers of labs that we need, the kind of capabilities we need to have in terms of internet connections and those sorts of things. So we do have a basic concept of that. And now that we have the money we know that it’s coming. We can start to refine that as we go through the process that we have to go through for construction here in the Alabama Community College System,” said Mollahan.

Marion Military Institute serves about 300 cadets.

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