Robbery and Home Invasion Safety


Montgomery police have accredited the death of a mid town Montgomery woman to a robbery gone wrong. It’s unclear if Stephanie Stone was inside her home or simply on the premises… but just shy of one month into 2023 and there have already been 104 robbery and or burglary incidents reported across Montgomery with one count ending in murder.

None of us want to believe or even think that we could become the victim of a robbery or home invasion but knowledge is power. It’s best to know what to do if or when you find yourself in that situation.

Experts say preparation begins before you’re robbed. Ensure all doors are locked and have your keys in your hands at the ready. Take time to notice your surroundings– especially when walking alone to your car or into your home. Look around and be aware. And check your house and vehicles for intruders. For many the first instinct is to fight and protect your belongings by force but as hard as it may seem it’s important to keep calm and give the robbers what they are asking for.

Also, look for any distinct features that may help police locate the robbers later. And above all else do whatever it takes to survive the incident.

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