Montgomery in the Grips of an Adderall Shortage



If you’re in search of Adderall and coming up short that’s because it’s in short supply across Montgomery.

The FDA initially announced a shortage for drugs like Adderall that use Amphetamine mixed salts in October 2022– encouraging pharmacists to fill those prescriptions sparingly. But now not only is adderall nearly impossible to find in Montgomery, substitute drugs are now in short supply.

Amphetamine mixed salts, including Adderall, are FDA-approved for the treatment of ADHD and narcolepsy.   Going without this medication could mean a struggle with simple concepts like remembering tasks or even how to tell time. Which could result in negative outcomes for both children and adults.

The FDA says that the shortage is linked to quote “intermittent manufacturing delays” by the largest manufacturer of the drug. And although other manufacturers are producing Adderall there isn’t enough “sufficient supply” for the U.S. demand.
Both generic and brand name Adderall were prescribed 41.4 million times in 2021 alone.