EXTRA: “A New Calling For West Montgomery”

The City of St Jude played a huge role, not just for the Selma to Montgomery March, but the land itself was a safe place for all African Americans at a time when they were not welcomed especially in many parts of the south. Although there is a vast history tied to St. Jude, it has recently been disconnected from the community in West Montgomery, a large part due to the COVID-19 pandemic which forced the church to close its doors and stop the services it provided to people in need.

Times are changing now, the church is under new leadership with Father Andrew Jones joining the parish in 2021, He plans to bring back many of the to bring back many of the services St. Jude provided to the community, providing food and clothing and other social services, carrying on the legacy of the man who founded St. Jude in Montgomery, Father Harold Purcell.

Father jones hopes that the church will soon reopen the food and clothing pantries, and begin providing social services again for community members in need. The church is also open to anyone who would like to help out with these community efforts.



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