New Life for Abandoned Tallassee Mill?

The City of Tallassee is on the move. An all new Tallassee High School is nearly complete, and the city has a new mayor.

But as Tallassee sees growth, the abandoned Mt. Vernon Mills space continues to be an eyesore.

The burned and abandoned rubble of the mill is unavoidable as Highway 14 crosses the Tallapossa River at downtown Tallassee.

In May of 2016 a massive fire destroyed the mill. At the time of the fire all of the jobs at the mill were gone and the site was abandoned.

For six years the site was untouched on the banks of the Tallapoosa River. Since then the city has sued for the cleanup of the site, and at one time even claimed ownership of the property.

Now a new owner appears to be planning to make the site a place residents can be proud of.

Renderings for the space were released this year and appear to include cabins, a recreation center, soccer fields, an Olympic pool,  an amphitheater, restaurants and a museum.

Early in February heavy machinery could be seen demolishing and clearing rubble, but officials are not saying who the developer is, what the exact plans are, and when they may be finished.

Alabama News Network reached out to Tallassee City Hall for comments from Mayor Sarah Hill, but administrators responded by saying Mayor Hill will not comment on the matter because the city does not own the property.

A project manager on the site says the new owner is willing to talk, but was “not ready to talk at this time.”



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