Vaughan Regional Hospital Opens New High Tech Lab

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A new state of the art laboratory — is helping a Selma hospital save lives — in fight the against the nation’s leading cause of death.

Vaughan Regional Medical Center’s new catheterization laboratory — puts a life-saving resource — in the heart of the Selma and Dallas County community.

Dr. Steven Allyn is an Interventional Cardiologist at the Vaughan.

Wal Vaughanupgrade0206 Fox Pkg“What it means for Selma is that we can take care of many of the typical heart problems that we can fix in the cardiac catheterization laboratory here in town without having to transfer patients to other places,” said Allyn.

The new lab provides doctors — with detailed real-time images — during life-saving procedures.

“This is so superior to what we had before,” said Allyn.

“It gives us a much better ability to see what we are doing as we’re applying coronary stents and evaluating the severity of blockage in arteries to the heart.”

According to the CDC — someone dies every 34 seconds in the U-S — due to heart disease — making it the number one killer in the country.

“There are different types of heart disease,” said Allyn. “There are what we call congestive heart failure where you have a weak heart, there are blocked arteries to the heart which cause heart attacks and chest pain with exertion.”

“If it’s the number one cause of hospitalizations and death in the United States then hospitals really need to be able to provide the care and the evaluation of patients.”

The new lab represents a $2.5 million dollar investment in cardiology services at the hospital.

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