Star Academy Launches at Francis Marion School

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The Perry County School District launches a new innovative program at Francis Marion School — to help 7th and 8th grade students improve and excel academically.

Star Academy is a nationally acclaimed academic acceleration program.

Superintendent Dr. Marcia Smiley says the research-based program uses hands-on — and technology driven lessons to engage students and inspire learning.

Wal Pcstaracademy Fox Pkg“And we’re very, very excited about this opportunity that’s going to tap into the creative minds of our students and our teachers,” said Smiley.

“It’s great for our students. They’re very engaged,” said Principal Bruce Jackson.

“They have an opportunity to collaborate on the information they read everyday. Basically, it’s non-traditional. And so that’s great for them.”

“Students have the ability to work together and apply the information. So, the content that they are learning in the classroom is truly applied,” said Robin Mussa with NOLA Education.

“And then the best part about it is that this curriculum is tied to the state standards,” said Smiley.

“So not only is it peak their interest and hold them accountable, it also will help them to do so much better in terms of reaching the state assessment standards.”

Officials say Star Academy also encourages students to build skills like teamwork — critical thinking — and problem solving. Skills that will help them succeed in the classroom — and in life.

The Star Academy program was funded by a $1 million dollar GEER II grant from the Governor’s Office.

School officials say they would like to secure another grant. So the program can also be implemented at R. C. Hatch School in Uniontown.

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