Wetumpka Elementary Students Bring History to Life

Second grade students at Wetumpka Elementary has their very own ‘Night at the Museum’ history assignment. The students chose a historical figure,Img 1316 researched them, then dressed up as the figure to retell their accomplishments and life story to other classes at the elementary school.

The students picked many different types of historical figures from musicians to Civil Rights activists and even British Royalty.

“We hear all about these overwhelming things with presidents and people are like I’m not going to be president, I’m not going to do that, but Molly Brown was just a good person,” stated the second grade teacher Shannon Hughes. “Rosa Parks was just a good person. Martin Luther King just a good person and we’re just celebrating being good people. You don’t have to be this big superhero to be a good person. That’s what all my class is learning.”

The second graders spent their time in class making the poster boards and learning in depth about the historical people they would be portraying.


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