Autauga County Schools Increasing Safety Measures

Following the possession of a weapon at two Autauga County Schools the Board of Education is considering policy changes to discourage students from bringing harmful items onto school grounds. In the wake of those, incidents where weapons have been found on campuses, Autauga County Schools are taking steps to ensure student safety.

The Board of Education held a meeting on February 7th to discuss the possibility of implementing a new policy that would do away with traditional backpacks and bags– instead initiating a clear bag policy that would better help administrators see what items are being carried into schools. With the clear bag policy being one of many possible security measures.

The school system has also provided a poll asking parents for their input on how to best keep children safe on school grounds. A start date for the clear bag policy will be announced in a special board meeting scheduled for February 21st at 7a.m.

Click here for Autauga County Schools Poll.

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