Bridge Crossing Jubilee Security Preparations Underway

From the West Alabama newsroom–

The annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee is now less than a week away. And local law enforcement is coordinating with federal and state agencies — to make sure the event is safe and secure.

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes — to prepare for the annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee — and try and keep everyone safe — during the event.

276 3766 01It’s a lot of planning that goes into this. I mean, a lotta, lotta planning. You’ve got traffic control, you’ve got the criminal aspect of it. You got the dignitary protection aspect of it, you’ve got the emergency medical aspect of it,” said Sheriff Mike Granthum.

Local law enforcement and first responders — coordinate with state — and federal agencies — to put the resources in place — to be able to respond to any emergency that arises.

“We have different stages that we go through. Right now we’re in the planning part for the medical and the public safety part,” said Granthum.

“And we’re determining where to put the water at? Where medical personnel needs to be? How much manpower we need?”

“One thing the military teach you — mission above all, but safety first. It is all about safety,” said Police Chief Kenta Fulford.

“We want to make sure that everyone that comes to Selma for the Jubilee — to be safe.”

276 3920 01And with so many different agencies involved — communication is key to providing effective security for an event of such magnitude.

“It’s the biggest event for civil rights in the whole U-S.

So, we have to work along with Capitol Police because we have dignitaries coming from Washington. And we’ll have the Secret Service here I’m sure,” said Granthum.

“So it’s a team effort working together to make sure everybody’s safe and has a good, enjoyable time.”

People can expect to see an increased police presence on city streets — and at Jubilee events. Drones and canine units will also be used to assist officers during patrols.

“And we’ve been doing this. This is not our first rodeo. We’ve jelled together over the years. So, it’s like riding a bike. Once you get it going, we’re moving in the right direction.

The Jubilee features about 40 separate events over a five day period.

Click the link below for a schedule of events.

Bridge Crossing Jubilee 2023 Schedule of Events

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