Cloudy and Warm Today; Strong to Severe Storms Thur/Fri

Wednesday will start with clouds and spotty showers, and that will be the theme throughout the day. Highs will be in the mid 80s with a slight chance of rain throughout the day. A 1/5 Marginal Risk is in place for our counties, but the main threat will be damaging winds and overall the main threat will remain low.

However, Thursday will be some changes. A 4/5 Moderate Risk is in place for TexArkana, while a 1/5 Slight Risk is in place for much of the state, with the main threats being damaging winds, tornadoes (some strong), and large hail. Likely, this will be an overnight threat into early Friday morning event for us, so prepare now and stay weather aware! A cooler and calmer weekend is in the future though!

Friday features a 2/5 Slight Risk for severe storms, with the main threats being damaging winds, tornadoes (mainly embedded, but some could be strong) and hail. The line will be entering our western counties in the wee hours of the morning, but will likely be out of the state by noon! Sunshine will be abundant for Friday afternoon and the weekend.

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