Pollen Season a Sure Sign of Spring

Everywhere you look around Montgomery and other local places, pollen has collected on cars, clothes and anything else outdoors.

For seasonal allergy sufferers, that brings sneezes, sniffles and other problems.

These allergies affect more than 60 million people in the U.S.

Doctors can recommend medication and shots as a way to relieve symptoms this time of year.

But allergists, like Dr. Allen Meadows in Montgomery, say the best way to fight seasonal allergies is to take a test to see exactly what is causing the worst problems.

“There are several ways to find out,” Meadows told WAKA 8. “You can either do a scratch allergy test in an allergist’s office or you can get a blood test. The problem with the blood test is they’re about three times more expensive, and a lot of folks’ insurance don’t pay for them. With the allergy scratch test, it’s less expensive, you find out immediately and it’s less likely to be over interpreted.”

The pollen count is likely to increase over the coming weeks as we get closer to spring.


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