First Full Day of Jubilee Centers on Education & Youth

From West Alabama Newsroom–

The annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee is now in full swing in Selma.

And the first full day of the event featured a full slate of events.

Friday featured nearly a dozen different activities — with most centered around education — and youth.

Wal Jubileefriday0303 Fox Pkg3Selma High School hosted the annual Children’s Sojourn. And students at Tipton-Durant Middle School competed in the Voting Rights Bowl.

Both events taught area youth about the historic events that happened in the city they live in. And the impact those events had on the world.

“People like marched. They risked their lives for us to vote,” said Tipton 6th Grader Adrianna Bennett.

“It made me feel like, like history is in my city. And it’s full of things for you to learn.”

Wal Jubileefriday0303 Fox Pkg“Our youth are not just our future, they are our present. They are right here. And that’s why it’s important to teach them this history,” said Jubilee Co-Founder Faya Rose Toure.

An Education Summit was held at Wallace Community College Selma.

The workshop featured lectures and presentations on a range of the history of black people — that went beyond civil rights — and slavery.

“Education is the essence of life. We are who we are because of how we’ve been educated,” said Author and cultural historian — Dr. Anthony Browder.

Wal Jubileefriday0303 Fox Pkg2“So, what we’re doing here at this summit is assuming responsibility for our thinking, by instilling within the minds of those who are receptive to this knowledge, a correct historical interpretation. So that they know who they are.”

Browder was one of the presenters at the Education Summit.

“This is not Black History. This World History,” he said.

“And we truly believe that to know this history will inspire our children to believe that they can do Math and Science,” said Toure.

“And they can do more than just play basketball and rap.”

The annual Mock Trial at the Dallas County Courthouse — featured law students from Texas Southern University — arguing against Alabama laws that suppress the black vote.

Events wrapped up Friday with a screening of the documentary — Freedom Riders: Carrying Forward Their Legacy.

And “A Public Conversation” about “Rebuilding Selma” — with tornado victims and Rev. Dr. William Barber.

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