O.U.R. Montgomery Celebrates Fourth Anniversary with Prayer Walk

O.U.R. Montgomery is celebrating four years of spreading prayer throughout the city by hosting a prayer walk.

On the first Saturday of every month, “One United Reaching Montgomery” has coordinated the walk. Members of the group have been to more than 27 neighborhoods and other locations to gather to pray for peace throughout the River Region.

Saturday’s prayer walk was in Washington Park, which was the site of the first walk in 2019.

“We have seen some wonderful people that live in this community,” Billy Irvin of the O.U.R. Montgomery prayer walk committee said. “Some are scared, and they are delighted that someone has come to pray and others are just such leaders in their community. Whether they’re a pastor or a neighborhood association leader, so this has been a time to encourage them but we have come away as leaders being encouraged as we’ve gone to many different neighborhoods and seen where God’s at work in the community.”

The prayer walks are open for anyone to join each month.


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