Selma Foot Soldiers Meet President Biden During Jubilee

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Security was extremely tight around President Joe Biden during his visit to Selma during the Bridge Crossing Jubilee.

But two Selma residents had a close encounter with the President. And neither of them was an elected official — or held a high-ranking position with a national organization.

Wal Footsoldierbiden PkgThis picture taken during the annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee — shows President Joe Biden sandwiched between two people most people won’t recognize.

Both are foot soldiers of the Civil Rights Movement.

Mr. George Sallie — is on one side.

“See that scar there. That’s from what you call Bloody Sunday,” he said.

And Ms. Annie Pearl Avery — is on the other.

“I was the only person arrested here in Selma, that day,” she said.

Both Avery and Sallie were among the marchers — who were attacked by state troopers — on Bloody Sunday.

But neither of them knew that day — that their decision to take a stand for the voting rights of every American citizen — would eventually lead — to a face to face meeting with a sitting U.S. President.

“I said to him, I’m just glad you are my president,” said Avery.

“I really appreciate walking through that. Not for the publicity I got — but the honor I had to be with him. I appreciate that,” said Sallie.

Both say relatives and friends from around the country have called to say — they saw them with the President.

“I’m still getting a lot of calls,” said Sallie.

It was Biden’s third time visiting Selma. He also came to the city as the vice president — and as a presidential candidate.

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