Alabama Poor People’s Campaign Disagrees with the Recent State of the State Address

Governor Kay Ivey gave her State of the State Address earlier this week, and a group of Alabamians were not happy with what they felt the GovernorImg 1357 left out.

The Alabama Poor People’s Campaign held a rally on the Alabama Capitol steps to give their ‘Real’ State of the State address about systemic poverty and system injustice in the state. The campaign members discussed the more than 45% of Alabamians who currently live in poverty who they felt were left omitted from the Governor’s address.

Tonny Algood, who is the Tri-Chair for the Alabama Poor People’s Campaign, stated that it’s very important for them to get their campaign’s message out.

“We’re bringing everybody together,” stated Algood. “We’re dealing with issues of survival, really, that affect everybody and it’s working. It’s working. We have over 4,000 members in Alabama and we’re still growing. It’s just a matter of getting the word out and educating people.”

You can head over to the Alabama Poor People’s Campaign website for more information.

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