Montgomery City Councilman Starts Saturday Academy for Local Elementary Schools

Trenholm State Community College partnered with Montgomery City Councilor Oronde Mitchell to create a Saturday learning environment for localScreen Shot 2023 03 11 At 34221 Pm second graders.

Saturday Academy is a program designed to target students who are not efficient in reading. The 3 elementary schools within District 6 of Montgomery County that were selected for the program are Fitzpatrick, Peter Crump, and Brewbaker Primary.

The program not only focuses on literary principles, but also to help students reach their benchmark goals. The students will meet every second Saturday of the month on Trenholm State Community College campus.

“We wanted to do something different,” stated District 6 Councilman Mitchell. “We wanted to reinforce what they were getting during the week because a lot of MPS schools have the RAP program and we did not want to interfere with any other programs they were having during the week.”

If your child attends one of the elementary schools involved in Saturday Academy and you want to get them in the program, you will need to talk to the school principal on how you can get them involved.

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