A Frost/Freeze Threat This Week!

Old man winter is letting us know that winter is still underway and we’re going to feel it this week. A frost/freeze potential will be a threat Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning of this week. Temps will fall into the lower to mid 30s each morning. You will need to take care of those tender plants during this time. We do see another opportunity for a frost/freeze over the upcoming weekend. In the meantime, mornings will definitely be cold but afternoons will turn out fairly mild this week. That March sunshine will warm us into the 60s Tuesday/Wednesday and then 70s by Thursday. A frontal system will make its way into the state on Friday. This system will kick off a round of rain and possibly storms. At this point, we’re not advertising a severe storm threat but this will be watched through the week. On the backside of the frontal passage is another surge of cold air. We could experience a frost/freeze Sunday morning. You may want to keep those tender plants indoors during this time as well.

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