Demopolis Proposed as Site for New Healthcare School

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A new healthcare high school could be on the way to the city of Demopolis — to help address the growing healthcare worker shortage in rural areas.

Governor Ivey proposed establishing the school during her State of the State Address. It would be the state’s first STEM school — located in a rural area of the state.

Wal Healthcarehs0313 Fox Pkg“As far as putting it in a rural area, you know well people say, well gosh you know, there’s more population in some of the larger places. But the lack of healthcare is in the rural community right now,” said Demopolis Mayor Woody Collins.

The school would offer an innovative STEM curriculum — as well as hands-on clinical training experience.

“It would be on par with the other three STEM schools across the state — the Cyber School in Huntsville, the Math and Science in Mobile and the Arts in Birmingham,” said Whitfield regional Hospital CEO Douglas Brewer.

The proposed school would be built just behind Whitfield Regional Hospital — on the ten acre site of the old New Era cap company.

“We will be attached to the campus,” said Brewer.

“So these kids will be able to not only take the classes, but then actually kind of come in to our facility. And be involved in seeing all the departments — and how healthcare actually works.”

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