Selma Mayor & City Council Clash Over City Budget

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

More on the latest dispute coming out of Selma City Hall.

Selma Mayor James Perkins, Jr — lashed out at the Selma City Council about the city’s new budget — at a press conference Wednesday.

Wal Councilreax PkgPerkins said the budget that was passed — was not the same budget — that had been in the works.

“Basically, what showed up last night was something different than what we had been talking about in those previous meetings,” said Perkins.

But City Council President Pro Tem Clay Carmichael — says that’s — simply not true.

Carmichael says the entire council — and the mayor — were sent a copy of the newly passed budget — on March 5th.

“So nine days everybody had it in their emails, in their hands to review it. And if they chose not to read it, then that’s on them,” he said.

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“It’s your own responsibility to read the documents that you have. And it, you know, you have to take some responsibility that’s why you’re elected.”

Carmichael also disputed Perkin’s claim that 27 people would be out of a job — due to the cuts in the budget.

“As far as I know, there’s more positions open than there are job losses. So, we should be able to cover all that.”

Carmichael says the new budget — is efficient.

“Well, I think it’s important to be efficient with the city’s tax dollars. I don’t think we need to waste them.”

Carmichael says if Perkins is not happy with the budget — he can bring any amendments he’d like to see — back to the city council for a vote.

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