Selma Mayor James Perkins, Jr. Releases Statement on Budget Squabble with City Council


Selma Mayor James Perkins, Jr. has released a statement in the ongoing battle with city council over the budget.

As WAKA 8 has reported, the mayor says the budget that was passed by city council is not the same budget that had been worked on previously. City Council President Pro Tem Clay Carmichael disagrees with that. The mayor also says the new budget will cut jobs.

Today, Mayor Perkins released this statement:

“Because I have not heard from the city council leadership about a special call meeting to reverse the budget action taken during the March 14, 2023 council meeting, I have no choice but to seek a legal remedy for the people and citizens of Selma. Therefore, on today, I have  filed a Petition for Emergency Injunctive Relief as well as a Petition for Declaratory Judgment in the Dallas County Circuit Court of the Office of the Circuit Clerk. Neither has been set on a court docket, but it is my hope that these filings will be expedited.  

“To the employees of the City of Selma know that your employment status with the city has not changed and will not change until a judge rules on the matter. This means that those who received proposed pay increases will not receive them and those who were targeted for termination still have your jobs. Although a judge will ultimately decide the legality of the City Council’s actions, I know their actions are not in the best interest of the citizens of Selma nor you as employees.  

“And now I fast and pray, and continue doing the work for our beloved Selma.”

Stay with WAKA 8 for updates.


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