Local High School Uses their ‘Luck of the Irish’ for a Good Cause

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, which is the day of green, LAMP High School is taking up monetary donations for the Alabama Kidney Foundation. Screen Shot 2023 03 17 At 30716 Pm LAMP students came in to school and donated while wearing green apparel to support the cause.

LAMP High School stated that anybody can donate through the school and they will have an online donation area on their school website soon.

The fundraiser wasn’t started by the LAMP Principal or by any of the staff, but was an idea that came from the student body president and LAMP senior, Serenity Griffin.

“I’ve always been a big supporter of serving or giving back to the community, so as a senior and because I will be leaving soon, I want to kind of leave a footprint that service is important,” stated Griffin. “Even though education is important, we should always make it a point to give back to the community.”

“She didn’t come with just a grand idea, she came with a fully thought out, well developed plan,” stated Principal Monson. “She set up a meeting with the kidney foundation. She has done a lot of the footwork and the legwork for this and so that’s why it was an easy decision for me and for the faculty to say, yes we should support this. This is a great idea.”

Visit the Alabama Kidney Foundation’s website to find out other ways you can donate.

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