NEW on AUG 25th: "Superstar: John Ritter"

The latest installment of ABC News’ new series “Superstar” journeys through the life and career of comedic genius John Ritter. The program chronicles how Ritter became a top comedy icon of the 1970s, how he landed his starring role on the ABC hit “Three’s Company,” and how he found success as an actor outside of comedy. The ABC News Event Special "Superstar: John Ritter" airs Wednesday, Aug 25 at 9PM on your local ABC32!

"The Hustler" at 9PM: The Most Diabolical Game on Television!

“The Most Diabolical Game on Television” – “The Hustler” returns as five competitors join host Craig Ferguson in this mind-bending and enigmatic game show where the famed television series “The Sopranos” and mega superstar Lady Gaga are clues to discovering The Hustler.

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