Author: Ben Lang

Clouds And More Rain Start This Week

After a cloudy and wet weekend, the weather pattern remains unchanged early this week. While an overcast sky greets us Monday morning, there won’t be much rain early in the day. That changes by midday, with showers and storms becoming widely scattered throughout the afternoon and early evening.

Cloudy With More Showers And Some Storms Thursday

Thursday morning featured clouds and rain yet again for central and south Alabama. At midday, the showers and storms became a bit more spotty, but clouds were still widespread. Expect showers and storms to become numerous to widespread during the afternoon and early evening.

Clouds With Rain At Times For The Rest Of The Week

It was a gloomy and gray Tuesday morning for many across central and south Alabama. However, the rain coverage through midday was rather spotty. It could remain that way for the rest of the day.

More Clouds, More Humidity, And Increasing Rain Chances

The mainly sunny and less-humid weather of late last week is long gone. The weekend was fairly nice, but this week features more clouds and increasing rain chances. For Monday, a partly cloudy morning becomes a mostly cloudy afternoon.

More Storms In The Forecast Through Wednesday

Labor Day didn’t feature the sunny and dry end to the holiday weekend that many may have hoped for. Showers and storms became widespread along a “cold” front parked across central Alabama Monday afternoon.