Author: Mattie Davis

2nd Annual Backpack Giveaway in Prattville

Prattville residents, Ell and Lenora White, sponsored a book bag, school supplies, and scholarship giveaway at North Highland Memorial Community Center in Prattville on Saturday, July 24. 

Millbrook Introduces 5-Year Plan to Develop Downtown Area

The City of Millbrook is teamed up with a Downtown Strategies to come up with a plan to revitalize the Main Street area. The City of Millbrook is home to almost 16,000 people and as surrounding cities including Prattville and Wetumpka have built upon their downtown areas, Millbrook is making goals to as well.

Tuskegee Confederate Statue Considered A Hazard

Its been almost two weeks since Tuskegee City Councilman Johnny Ford attempted to cut down a confederate statue that sits in the downtown square, and now there are concerns the statue may be unsafe to continue standing as is.