Author: Mattie Davis

Multi-million Dollar Renovations Underway at Historic Montgomery Church

First United Methodist, Montgomery’s oldest church congregation, is getting renovations after almost 200 years. 

One renovation members say they are most excited about is a new organ. After 50 years of use, they are putting their previous organ to rest, to welcome in Alabama’s first Schoenstein organ, produced by one of the countries oldest pipe organ builders. 

MPS Experiencing Teacher Shortage

According to a recent Frontline Education Survey, the nation is dealing with a teacher shortage, and the Montgomery Public School System is among those trying to combat the problem. 

MPS says as the new school year approaches, it is crunch time to fill vacancies they currently have. They’re looking for interested candidates with any kind of college degree to apply for open positions. 

New Law Allows Alabamians to Hunt Hogs and Coyotes at Night

Alabama is making it easier to hunt two animals that often stir up all kinds of problems for landowners, 
coyotes and feral hogs.

The state wildlife agency says a new law signed by Gov. Kay Ivey allows hunters who purchase a license to kill the animals at night.

Prattville Independence Day Celebrations

In Prattville, the 4th of July is looked forward to by residents every year and even more this year after the city’s events were cancelled in 2020.

Prattville residents are excited to celebrate Independence Day again, some getting back with friends and family for the first time since the pandemic. Some say this holiday is giving them a sense of normalcy.

Suspect Named In Fort Deposit Cemetery Shooting

Investigators in Fort Deposit named a suspect in a shooting that happened during a burial service at a cemetery on June 26. 

The Gipson family was saying last goodbyes to loved one, James Gipson, when a gunman opened fire at his funeral. One victim, Jerry Gipson, died and three others were injured.

Community Recognizes Peach Farmers In Annual Chilton County Peach Week

This week the Chilton County community is recognizing peach farmers in the annual Peach Festival for the role they play in the economy of Chilton County. 

June marks some of the season’s best peaches. However, for what may be a fresh snack for many, is a years worth of hard work for Peach Park owner Mark Gray.