Ja Nai Wright



Ja Nai Wright is a Reporter/MMJ for Alabama News Network. She began working here February 2021.

Ja Nai is from Atlanta, GA. She graduated from Alabama State University with a B.A. in Communications in May of 2020.

In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with friends and binge watching television shows and movies. She enjoys doing various community service activities to help out her community.

Ja Nai also loves to travel. She hopes to visit many places all over the world and be immersed in their cultures.

Prior to working at Alabama News Network, Ja Nai did her internship here while she was still in college.

Ja Nai enjoys meeting new people so be sure to say hello when you see her!


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Baby Formula Shortage Causes Concern for Local Families

The nationwide formula shortage has caused widespread panic among mothers with new born babies. The shelves virtually empty in most stores in every state. Officials from the Alabama Department of Public Health say that they have had an overwhelming amount of calls from mothers concerned about the lack of available formula but despite the difficulties finding formula officials encourage mothers to avoid buying more than needed at this time. 

MPS Discusses Possible School Closings

The board of education for the Montgomery Public School system has been evaluating the schools alongside Volkert to see where funds should be spent for improvement.

The Montgomery Area Transit Is Offering Free Rides On May 5th

The Montgomery area transit system is offering free rides all day tomorrow, as a way to show appreciation to the employees and the riders. The M transit will offer free bus rides all day on May 5th as a way to show thanks to the many employees, drivers and even bus riders.