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Council votes to fire 3 officers in death of 8-year-old


A town council near Philadelphia has voted to fire three police officers days after charges were recommended over accusations they fired their weapons in the direction of a crowd leaving a high school football game, killing an 8-year-old girl and wounding three people. Thursday’s vote by the Sharon Hill Council came as some members of the public voiced support for the officers while others expressed outrage. A grand jury on Tuesday recommended charges against the officers in the Aug. 27 shooting that killed Fanta Bility. Investigators say the officers were monitoring the crowd when gunshots rang out. Authorities say the officers returned fire, mistakenly striking a car and members of the crowd.

AP FACT CHECK: Biden puffs up claims of virus, job gains


WASHINGTON (AP) — In a self-appraisal that didn’t always fit with the facts, President Joe Biden on Wednesday made the dubious assertion that he’s outperformed all expectations on the pandemic in his first year and inflated his contribution to COVID-era economic growth. A look at some of Biden’s comments in a news conference that stretched for nearly two hours: PANDEMIC…