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Philly DA seeks contempt charge for Vets for Trump cofounder

By CLAUDIA LAUER - The Associated Press

Philadelphia prosecutors say a Virginia man arrested in November 2020 after driving to the Pennsylvania Convention Center where votes were being counted with guns, ammunition and lock-picking tools likely played a larger role in the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection than they previously understood. Prosecutors filed a motion to hold 43-year-old Joshua Macias in criminal contempt citing footage of Macias meeting with leaders of The Proud Boys and The Oath Keepers in an underground parking garage the night before the siege on the Capitol. Prosecutors have repeatedly sought unsuccessfully to revoke Macias’ bail saying he has violated conditions of his release by posting on social media and attending political rallies.

Ohio governor signs bill allowing armed school employees


Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has signed a bill into law allowing school districts the option of arming employees. The Republican governor also said he’s directing the Ohio School Safety Center to require the maximum 24 hours of training spelled out by the law, as well as the maximum eight hours of annual training. The center must approve all training programs. DeWine also announced the hiring of 28 additional staff members at the center to work with schools. The governor’s announcement came as mayors from some of Ohio’s biggest cities planned to highlight the impacts of gun violence on their communities.

Tonys Latest | ‘A Strange Loop’ wins for best new musical

By The Associated Press

“A Strange Loop,” an utterly unforgettable, idiosyncratic trip into one man’s psyche, has won the best new musical Tony Award, beating more commercial fare. Michael R. Jackson’s 2020 Pulitzer Prize drama winner is a theater meta-journey — a tuneful show about a Black gay man writing a show about a Black gay man. That show is also called “A Strange Loop.” At its center is Usher, an unhappy playwright slumming as an usher at “The Lion King.” He is haunted by a Greek chorus of voices — his thoughts as well as homophobic family members — who pummel, undercut and berate him. The musical was the leading nominee heading into Sunday’s show.