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WCCS Signs Two Memorandums of Understanding

From the West Alabama Newsroom– The road to obtaining a bachelor’s degree — just got a little easier for some community college students in Selma. Wallace Community College Selma signed memorandums of understanding with Miles College in Fairfield — and South University in Savannah, Georgia. “It means greater access and opportunity for our students who choose to go on to…

‘A New Calling For West Montgomery’

The City of St Jude played a huge role, not just for the Selma to Montgomery March, but the land itself was a safe place for all African Americans at a time when they were not welcomed especially in many parts of the south

FEMA Disaster Assistance Also Available for Renters

From the West Alabama Newsroom– Misinformation is causing some tornado victims not to apply — for the disaster recovery assistance that they need. FEMA officials want to dispel the misconception that the organization only provides assistance to homeowners. “It is not only homeowners. Renters can come here to apply, ” said FEMA spokesman Issa Mansaray. “If you are impacted by…