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Downtown Business Association

Jonathan Avant stopped by Good Morning Chris to share about all the things that the Downtown Business Association has going on. They recently started Jazz Nights, a program where Jazz music is played at…

Gump Town Magazine

Jamal Thomas is the founder of Gumptown Magazine. He stopped by Good Morning Chris to discuss how he is working to brink marketing and advertising services to under served communities.

Tim Lennox visits Good Morning Chris

Tim Lennox retired Anchor and Senior political reporter for Alabama News Network for 11 years, stopped by Good Morning Chris to explain why Alabama has seen an increase in the number of visits…

Freedom Rides Museum

The Freedom rides museum is conducting its "Ride for Freedom History Bus Tour." During the tour patrons are bussed around town visiting the historically significant spots.

River Bend Brew Fest

The train shed will soon be home to the 7th annual River Bend Brew Fest. Our Chris Searcy has the details.

Trestle Ridge Records

Trestle Ridge Records brings two of their hottest artists by to perform on Good Morning Chris. Grace and Michael Zaib both perform two originals.

Rock Steady

Rock Steady is a boxing program at Metro Fitness for people with Parkinson's. It helps alleviate their symptoms.

Chris visits Work/Shop

Work/Shop is a work and shopping space located in Hampstead that is offering feasible plans for small businesses.

Rapper Boosie visits Thats My Child

Rapper and philanthropist Boosie toured Thats My Child in Montgomery, AL with hopes of opening a similar establishment in his home of Baton Rogue.

That's My Dog Jr.

That’s My Dog Jr. opens today at 10am. It (as reported by owner Charles Lee) will be the first restaurant in the country managed and operated entirely by the teens. It is located at…

SLE Rodeo

The SLE Rodeo is one of the most popular events of the year. "The SLE Rodeo proudly features the top bucking stock in the country through 2016 PRCA Stock Contractor of the…

Boss Youth League

B.O.S.S youth League is a non profit organization that helps kids with basketball as well as entrepreneurship.

State of the City: Tuskegee, Alabama

Mayor. Tony Haygood stopped by Good Morning Chris to fill in the citizens of Tuskegee on the economic and developmental improvements that are happening in the city.

Alabama Wildlife Federation

The Alabama Wildlife Federation located in Millbrook joined Good Morning Chris talking about their new Bee exhibit.

Kress fe(male) Exhibit

There is a huge art project that will be executed by world renowned French artist JR! The even better news.... you can be apart! This is expected to be his biggest ever! He is…

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