What's Right

Kids Learn Life Lessons Playing Golf

The U.S. Kids Golf Montgomery Local Tour kicked off their tournament season Tuesday at Aroostook Golf Course.  Children ages 5-14 took part in the tournament competing in varying age divisions. For 9-year-old Lauryn…

Greenville Boy's Giving Going Global

Most eight-year-old boys are out playing with friends and enjoying their time off from school, but Sam Judah McLendon of Greenville is not like most boys his age. He and his…

Nehemiah Kid's Club Recruits Young Athletes

The Nehemiah Kid's Club and YMCA of Greater Montgomery went door to door in the Chisholm Street area and surrounding neighborhoods to recruit new players for the YMCA Youth Football and Cheer…

What's Right: Local Veteran Gets a Surprise

Many military veterans struggle with the effects, both physically and mentally, of their tours of duty. But one local veteran is getting a big surprise in his journey toward recovery.

What's Right with Your Community: GEMS

It takes certain characteristics to be a leader in your job or your community. And a program at one Montgomery school is teaching young ladies what it takes to be a good leader - in hopes they will carry these traits with them throughout their life.

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