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Renovations Underway At Normandale Mall

Built in 1954, the normandale mall used to be the the place to shop in Montgomery. Things have changed as the city has grew, but Charlie Reed is working hard to bring businesses back.

Abortion Bills Debated At Public Hearing

The three bills would have a big impact on abortions in Alabama. One would require clinics to stay at least 2000 feet away from schools, which would shut down one in Huntsville.

Republicans Looking At Lottery, Gambling For Budget Fix

Republican lawmakers are looking everywhere for money to fill the shortfall in the general fund budget, and that now includes possibly a lottery and expanded gaming. Some leaders say the state needs to look at the numbers before raising any taxes.

High Schoolers Could Attend Virtual Schools

Raising your hand to ask the teacher a question could change for high schoolers in Alabama. If signed into law, school systems will have to come up with a way to incorporate online coursework, giving students the option for single classes to entire course loads.

Medical Marijuana Passes Senate Committee

The room was packed with people waiting to hear if Alabama could become the next state to legalize safe access to medical marijuana. Some were excited when the bill passed the committee.

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