Bargain Hunters Crowd Stores for Black Friday Shopping

It's one of the most hectic shopping days of the year. The Black Friday shopping frenzy started early with many shops opening for big deals on Thanksgiving. Many local stores say they're seeing crowds that are at least as big, if not bigger, than last year.

Fans Expect Close Iron Bowl

It's not every year that so much rides on the result of the Iron Bowl. Fans can't wait to see which team will get a ticket to the SEC championship.

Extra: Move Over

More than 170 law enforcement officers have been killed on United States roads in the past 14 years, after being struck by other vehicles. In Alabama, there's a law on the books that requires drivers to "move over" for flashing lights. But are motorists really following it?

Salvation Army Kicks Off Christmas Kettle Campaign

Tomorrow brings a day of giving thanks, but the salvation army is hoping that you'll give donations as well. And today, we here at Alabama News Network helped the Salvation Army kick off their annual red Kettle Campaign.

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