2020 hurricane season

Hurricane Laura Comes Ashore in SW Louisiana as a Category 4 Storm

Hurricane Laura is pounding southwest Louisana and east Texas with ferocious wind and torrential rain and has unleashed a wall of seawater that could push 40 miles inland. At least one person has been killed. Laura arrived as a Category 4 storm, one of the strongest hurricanes ever to strike the U.S. based on its wind speed of 150 mph….

Safe From The Storm: How Hurricanes Get Their Names

We’re used to calling hurricanes by their names — Camille, Fredric, Andrew, Opal, Ivan, Katrina, Michael — these are a few memorable storms. But who gets to choose the names?  And why are some names reused, while others are retired. Alabama News Network Weather Authority Meteorologist Ryan Stinnett gives us a look at hurricane names, including the ones being used…

Safe From The Storm: 2020 Tropical Season Outlook

Even before the start of the 2020 hurricane season on June 1, there have been two tropical storms in the Atlantic Ocean. Does that mean we’re in for a busier-than-usual hurricane season? Chief Meteorologist Shane Butler shows us the tropical season outlook, including the factors that will determine whether we’ll have more named storms than usual. Categories: News Video, Safe…