Apple to scan U.S. phones for images of child abuse

Apple is planning to scan U.S. iPhones for images of child abuse, drawing applause from child protection groups but raising concern among some security researchers that the system could be misused by governments looking to surveil their citizens. The tool Apple calls “neuralMatch” will detect known images of child sexual abuse without decrypting people’s messages. If it finds a match,…

Update Your App (app web view)

Alabama News Network has launched a new news app, which is now available for Android and iPhone devices in your Google Play Store or Apple App Store. We hope you’ll be excited to use it. To get the new app, you will need to update the old Alabama News Network app. If you have “automatic updates” turned on in your…

On Your Side Consumer Alert: Apple Warns of Security Flaws

Apple is urging iPhone and iPad users to update their devices to fix security flaws that might have been “actively exploited” by hackers. Apple made the software upgrades available Tuesday, adding a rare note suggesting it was a serious threat. The company credited anonymous researchers for pointing out the vulnerability but provided little details about the nature of the threat….