Elmore County Superintendent Speaks Out After Misuse of Funds Claims.

To view the full audit click here. According to an audit report on the Elmore County Board of Education, $1.65 Million was unaccounted. The audit was for October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019. Today Elmore County Superintendent Richard Dennis says that while there were some procedural errors, the school district never intentionally misused funds, and no funds were lost….

Former Goodwyn Middle School Bookkeeper Convicted of Stealing Funds from School

Attorney General Steve Marshall announced the conviction of Tiffany Franklin, 39, of Montgomery, a former bookkeeper at Goodwyn Middle School in Montgomery, on Thursday. She was convicted of first-degree theft of property. On January 21, Franklin pleaded guilty to first-degree theft of property for using her position as bookkeeper to steal $13,216 belonging to Goodwyn Middle School.  In her plea…

i-Team: Where is the ASU Audit?

Like many controversial issues involving Alabama politics, fiction can’t beat the facts fueling the issue itself. The alleged affair between former governor Robert Bentley and his aid Rebekah Mason is a prime example. The scandal and eventually resulted in the Bentley’s resignation. Long before the alleged affair, there was another cloud hanging over the Bentley Administration: the financial audit of…