Chilton County

Community Recognizes Peach Farmers In Annual Chilton County Peach Week

This week the Chilton County community is recognizing peach farmers in the annual Peach Festival for the role they play in the economy of Chilton County. 

June marks some of the season’s best peaches. However, for what may be a fresh snack for many, is a years worth of hard work for Peach Park owner Mark Gray. 

Farmers Protect their Produce from Cold Snap Coming to Alabama

When a cold snap hits, farmers take steps to prevent their crops from freezing and being ruined overnight. It is vital for fruits to have stable environments because they grow above ground and are directly exposed to the elements. For farmers, their produce is their source of income and if their crops get damaged then they have nothing to sell….

Verbena High School on Lock Down After Bomb Threat , Students are Safe

Verbena High School in Chilton County has been placed on lock down after a bomb threat was found written on one of the walls in the restroom. The school administration says immediately following, procedures were put in place to evacuate the school and notify the proper command staff. All students are in a safe location at this time. While the…

$176,000 in Grants Awarded to Four Alabama Counties to Assist with Domestic Violence Victims

Gov. Kay Ivey has awarded grants totaling $176,000 to support programs that aid domestic violence victims in four Alabama counties. Grant funds of $25,000 will help the Crenshaw County Commission continue its work through the Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Office of arresting perpetrators of domestic violence and protecting victims. The office’s domestic violence officers will also attend public meetings to educate residents about…